Which plants is suitable for your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen?


Which plants is suitable for your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen?

These are some of the best trees for each room in your house or apartment that should be considered when you come to Ho Chi Minh city. You can buy them from some famous flower delivery stores to decorate your home.

1. Bathroom

Lady palm (1) helps to clean the ammonia in the air, which works very well after you use the detergent in the room.

Chinese evergreens (2) eliminates formaldehyde in the air. The best place to plant this is the shower.

Ivy (3) helps absorb carbon dioxide better than any other plant, and also helps to clean the air.

2. Bedroom

Sansevieria trifasciata (1) releases oxygen at night and cleans the air, dramatically improving your sleep quality.

Spathiphyllum (2) absorb industrial toxins and house emissions. It can filter out benzene VOC, a highly carcinogenic substance in paints, polishes, wax polishing furniture. It also neutralizes acetone, formaldehyde and trichloroethylen, which are emitted from electronic devices, glues and detergents.

Phalaenopsis (3) is a beautiful flower, it also emits a lot of oxygen at night, cleans up toluene in the air.

3. Children’s room

Coffee plant (1) is a natural air purifier that cleans benzol, formaldehyde, phenol and trichlorethylene.

Hibiscus (2) creates a fresh, clean air by the production of phytoncides (a natural antibiotic of plants). Other trees living next to hibiscus also benefit, will be better.

Cyclamen (3) helps eliminate insomnia, chronic fatigue, good for people with depression, irritability.

4. Living room

Dracaena reflexa (1) cleans benzol and formaldehyde, commonly produced from paint, paint, curtain, carpet.

Chlorophytum (2) remove formaldehyde from vehicle exhaust, cigarette smoke. It helps to keep the air moist.

Benjamin fig (3) also cleans benzol, trichlorethylene (found in detergents, colloids) and phenols.

5. Kitchen

Aloe (1) cleans benzol (mainly in detergents) and formaldehyde.

Stephanotis floribunda (2) helps fresh air to the kitchen. Once you take good care, it gives you flowers all year round.

Saintpaulia (3) brings the greatest benefit out of your kitchen.

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