Where Are The Crowdest Expat Community In Ho Chi Minh


In the past 5 years, Ho Chi Minh has become one of the favorite destinations for expats around the world to settle down. Having a diverse range of accommodations and residences, from private house in suburban and bustling districts like Binh Thanh, Tan Binh,…to the tranquil apartment for rent in district 2, district 3,…Ho Chi Minh city can easily cater all kind of needs for expatriate community here.

So which are the most crowded areas favored by expats in Ho Chi Minh? Take a look at our list below to know more about the expatriate living picture here and pick for yourself the most suitable place to live if you’re considering moving to Ho Chi Minh city in the future.

Ho Chi Minh is one of the favorite destinations for expats all around the world            (Source: propertylaunch)

1. District 2 – An Phu and Thao Dien area

District 2 is the expat area of Saigon, more specially, Thao Dien and An Phu area, with lots of villas and where a lot of international schools are located. It’s the popular choice for expats living here long term or permanently with chill atmosphere and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

These area offers a wide range of accommodation options for rent from low-budget to luxurious, and it’s specificalized by area. An Phu has more local and affordable residential apartments like An Cu, An Khanh, while Thao Dien offers more luxury choices like The VistaThe EstellaMasteri Thao Dien,…for expats who aim to higher living standards.

District 2 is getting more attentions from expats and locals thanks to its fast development and cosmopolitan lifestyle here (Source: cloudfront)

2. District 7 – Phu My Hung area

District 7 is often called “Little Singapore” by the locals, since everything here is pretty much more organized and quite than the other parts of the city.

After 20 years of successful organization and construction in persistence and hard work, District 7, especially Phu My Hung is now a thriving urban area with extremely stable population of people inside and outside of Vietnam.

This area is usually populated by Asian expats from Korea, Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan,…and aimed to those with high income as the rent here is relatively expensive.

Phu My Hung in district 7 is home to most of Asian expats in Ho Chi Minh city            (Source: duanorchidpark)

3. Binh Thanh District

Located on the east of Ho Chi Minh and is the gateway of the North – South route to the city, Binh Thanh is one of the most populated areas in Ho Chi Minh city with almost 500,000 people.

It’s been a favorite choice of expats recently since it has a perfect location, which is not too far from both the city center like district 1, and the developing area like District 2. Moreover, the living expenses here are much lower.

There are bunch of cheap and good local restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and the atmosphere here is lively, fun and local – friendly.

It has become a great place for expats who both want to immerse themself in the local life and stay connected easily with expatriate communities in the other parts of the city.

Binh Thanh district possesses an ideal combination of rustic vibe and the modernity for both locals and expats (Source: wikimedia)

4. District 1

Referring to District 1, everyone must immediately think of a central area with many buildings, offices, amusement parks, shopping areas, bustling and lively atmosphere. District 1 is quite large, with many places to go, to eat, to shop, to study,…Therefore, there are not only many tourists, but also a lot of expats choose to stay and live here.

The most crowded expatriate areas in district 1 can be listed such as: Bui Vien, Pham Ngu Lao, De Tham – which is the backpacker area with affordable accommodations, convenient stores and services every corners.

Besides that, there are also many European and Japanese expats living mainly in Le Thanh Ton and Nguyen Hue area. Especially in Le Thanh Ton, it feels totally like a Japanese town filled with tons of restaurants, massages, cafes and bars written with Japanese signs everywhere.

As an economic and central hub of the city – district 1 is one of the top choices for expats living in Ho Chi Minh (Source: bobandsuewilliams)

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