What You Should Do In The First 24-Hour In Your New Apartment

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1. Store your document right away
Fill out a condition report when the landlord has asked you to, do it as soon as you’re able to, and follow their instructions on whether you’re to drop it off to them or send a digital file, and include photos if you can. Also, make plenty of notes and photos to keep yourself. And while there might be plenty of other things you want to dive into doing, also consider doing a walk-through and taking notes of certain maintenance items you want to do, like make your windows more energy efficient, and more. You don’t have to do anything just yet, just make a list.

2. Make your bed
Trust us on this one, once your bed is assembled and in place, make it so you don’t have to try and find and wrestle with sheets after a long day of moving boxes.

3. Take out and arrange your daily stuff
There are some things you just need on a daily basis. From toiletries to towels to coffee-making supplies, take out the things you need and arrange them as best you can, and you’ll make having to get ready for work in a sea of boxes a lot easier.

4. Don’t do anything loud at night
Even though you’re bent on working through the night to get as much stuff done as possible, your neighbors are probably just trying to enjoy their lives (and sleep) as they normally are. So try not to be extra noisy and start out on the most considerate foot first.

5. (If there’s still time) Complete as much as possible
Choose a small space and try to “complete” it as much as you can. Unpack the boxes for that room and put stuff up where it needs to go (while making note of any storage solutions you might need in that space). Maybe not hang the art on the walls yet, but at least, unwrap and lean in a spot near where you would like to put it. Do all this so when the sea of boxes that seems never-ending threatens your sanity in the coming weeks, you’ll have one spot in your home you can retreat to so you can forget you just uprooted your life!(According to Apartment Therapy)
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