Useful Tips For Living Room Decoration


1. Play with the patterns

Trellis, ikats, florals-oh my! The trick to mixing patterns is to pick a color theme here, reds, browns, and blues and to use big swaths of solid color (the brown sofa, red chairs, and green ottoman) to anchor the space.

2. And the colors too

Filling your living room with shades of your favorite hue is a surefire way to create a room you’ll love living in. Blue-and-white is a no-fail color combo; mix in a few sunny splashes of yellow to energize the look. 

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3. Brightening your entry

When designing living rooms with a cramped entryway, use decorative mirrors to keep the room light and bright. A trio of antique mirrors was installed to reflect the living room and bounce natural light into its otherwise small, dark entry.

4. Create illusions with mirrors


Designers often use oversized mirrors in small spaces to help reflect light and make the spaces feel larger than they actually are. A twist on this idea is to choose architectural style mirrors which create the illusion of an extra window or door.

5. Create storage in unthinkable areas

Upholstered storage ottomans offer homeowners the ability to keep clutter hidden discreetly. Since the top of this ottoman is upholstered in the same houndstooth fabric as its base, it appears solid and seamless, camouflaging the fact that it’s more than just a pretty piece of furniture.

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6. Don’t ever forget pillows

If you aren’t using pillows to add color and texture to your living area, you’re missing a great opportunity. More fabric and pattern options are available now than ever before. In this living room, the gray-and-white patterned pillow is a bit more subdued, allowing the pink floral pillow to really pop. 

7. Display your adventure merchandise


Global design, whether collected for years or curated on the spot, is a look that’s certainly on trend. Designer Kerrie Kelly likes to feature the art and pottery collections of well-traveled homeowners rather than replace them with new accessories that have no real meaning. “In the past, we might have bought everything new for a living room,” says Kerrie. “These days we feature what homeowners have already collected through their heritage or world travels. Books, artwork, rugs and earthenware can be used in an authentic design that also tells the family history”.