Top 10 Things To Do In Saigon At Weekend


Besides finding a suitable living space such as apartments for rent in district 2, expats should also focus on the entertaining activities at weekend. Below are some exciting things to experience in Sai Gon.

1. Learn about the Vietnam’s history at Independence Palace:

It is advisable for expats to visit Independence Palace (known as Reunification Palace) i to learn more about Vietnamese history. With an outstanding architecture, it is considered the symbol of victory, peace and integrity of Vietnam.

Arriving there, tourists can appreciate numerous valuable artworks together with historical traces related to the long and arduous struggle of Vietnamese people.

This Palace reflects the brave and resilience of Vietnamese people during the war (Source: Wikipedia)

2. Boat ride along Saigon River:

As a way to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city, boat ride is an ideal suggestion for expats to go along Saigon riverside on their day-offs.

Visitors can have a chance to experience different landscapes with diversified living styles. It is interesting to see some famous buildings such as Masteri Thao Dien, Phu My Hung, Landmark,…as well as old villages below the bridge.

It is like going on a voyage to see beautiful sights (Source: Les Rives)

3. Visit Thien Hau Temple in Chinatown in District 5

A great number of foreigners really like to opt for a peaceful and solemn sight for their peace of mind, so Thien Hau Temple can be a good option.

With ancient structure and incorporation of different traditions, this Buddhist temple attracts a lot of people to visit and pray for good health, job promotion or true love.

People usually gather to worship and pray for good luck (Source: dulichhanhtrinhviet)

4. Try tasty and authentic Vietnamese Street Foods

Saigon is famous for its culinary heaven with a long list of both ordinary food and international dishes. It is impossible not to enjoy Vietnamese street food with fresh and local ingredients namely Pho, spring rolls, pancake, papaya salad, sea crab,…They can create unforgettable and distinct flavours.

Expats can go around the city to have delicious local food with their friends (Source: Klook)

5. City tour on a motorbike

Vietnam is a country using motorbikes as a usual transport. Therefore, it is always welcomed to engage in a tour by motorbike. Expats can choose to go with locals and friends or to experience on their own. They can control their speed, their time and more specifically, they can go anywhere they love without depending on others.

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There are many tour guide service by motorbike for foreigners (Source: 102 Travel)

6. Explore the local life at Binh Tay market

Belong to Cho Lon area, Binh Tay market is a picture which depicts the daily activities and lifestyle of the Chinese in Vietnam. This market is crowded from early morning till night with full of goods transaction among residents. You can buy any kind of products here with reasonable prices. It is also fascinating to gather at this beautiful market to have some delicious Chinese food.

You can easily be attracted by a diversity of goods and Chinese lifestyle (Source:

7. Try the traditionally-made Vietnamese coffee in Phu Nhuan District

In many corners along the street in Phu Nhuan district, visitors can easily spot a variety of cafe stores with classic style. It is more specific to try traditional coffee with natural taste in such a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

Having traditional coffee in Vietnam is also a memorable experience for tourists (Source: The Christina’s Blog)

8. Have a drink with a view at Bitexco Tower

Listed as one of the highest towers in Vietnam, Bitexco is extremely luxurious with modern structure and it can provide a broad view of the whole city. It is undoubtedly a stunning attraction to both locals and foreigners. They can go around the building or have a drink at rooftop skybar.

It is appealing to have an overview of the whole city in such a height like this (Source:

9. Go shopping at one of the biggest shopping centers in Saigon

With those who really love shopping, Saigon is a suitable place to satisfy their great demands because it has a wide range of large shopping malls such as Vincom Center, Saigon Square, Takashimaya, Diamond Plaza, Parkson,…These sites are not only spacious but also very diversified in goods and materials.

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Spending time shopping in luxurious places is a good thing to relax (Source: Living Local-Trip)

10. Enjoy Art Exhibitions in District 2:

Last but not least, Art exhibition is a smart choice for art lovers. It offers various distinctive collections of famous artists in Vietnam. You can boh relax and reflect your thoughts on remarkable paintings at some well-known exhibitions such as the Factory Contemporary Arts Centre in District 2.

It is advisable to wander around the Art Exhibition to blend your soul (Source: Pequot Library)

This is the list of attractive things that expats should not miss the opportunity to explore when paying a visit to Sai Gon. Let’s take it as a valuable notebook for your journey in Vietnam.

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