Top 10 Reasons Why Expats Love Saigon


Ho Chi Minh City, known as Saigon by locals, has become an increasingly popular city which attracts many visitors from overseas to relax, to work or to reside. According to the perspectives of expats flocking to HCM City looking for apartment for rent in district 2, below are 10 outstanding reasons why they show great affection for this city.

1. The Accessibility of Modern Living

Located in a convenient geographical position, Saigon owns favorable conditions to become the centre of economy and commerce in Vietnam.

Not only can it provide qualified living environment with full of modern facilities but also offers a wide range of luxurious shops and restaurants with high quality and affordable price namely Masteri Thao Dien, which is a luxurious platform for families to live.

Buildings in HCMC are equipped with modern facilities (Source: estestinc)

2. The Easy Employment Opportunities

There are a variety of jobs available in Saigon for expats. It is easy to see native foreigners work as English teachers in many well-known English centres or cooperate with local teammates in any corporations. Those with good skills find it easy to take an employment position in Vietnam with high salary and competitive working environment.

Employment opportunities are opened for workers from many levels (Source: assets)

3. The affordability of living expenditure

Many expats choose to travel towards Saigon because of low cost of accommodation. There are plenty living options ranging from $150 to $300 per month. With a reasonable price, expats can experience a convenient space with full of modern furnitures such as Masteri Thao Dien or Vinhomes Central Park.

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Actually, not only education fee but insurance services or tourism prices are also inexpensive in this centre.

Masteri Thao Dien is an ideal residence in Saigon

4. Diversified cuisine:

Vietnamese food is not known for the outstanding ingredients but for the mixture of familiar tastes and natural components. The most well-known food which shows the spirit of Vietnamese people may be Pho and traditional dishes with rice,…

Apart from Vietnamese food, expats can also have meal in restaurants which serve international cuisines such as BBQ, Fast food, French cuisine, Chinese food,…

You can go on Saigon’s food trip to experience the local dishes or international cuisines (Source: bluelagoonselje)

5. A lively and vibrant city full of energetic activities

Saigon is full of motorbikes on the street, which makes the city become chaotic and somehow annoying. However, expats seem to be amazed by the liveliness of the city, especially on special occasions such as Vietnam team participating in the football champions.

In Saigon, expats can rarely find a boring time because the lively energy in this place can wake them up and make their heart beat harder than ever.

In Saigon, you can experience the lively lifestyle and chill out after a busy day working (Source: assets)

6. Safe and friendly environment with honest residents

Actually, Vietnamese people are really friendly and polite. Not all of them but most of them show great hospitality for expats coming to visit their hometown. Many foreigners agree that they would like to live in Saigon because of warm feeling as home. It is also much safer for them to reside in Vietnam than in some other countries.

Many expats feel welcomed when visiting Saigon (Source: annawickham)

7. Strategic position

Located right in the centre of the Southeast Asia, HCM City is considered the gateway to other potential markets and it can open up a lot of investment opportunities.

There are plenty of potential industries which have not been occupied yet and tend to provide more chances for expats to set partnership and cooperate in the long run.

With the convenient location, HCM City has open chances to cooperate with neighbor nations (Source: amaryroad)

8. Good infrastructure:

HCM City is on its way to boost a well-developed infrastructure system on both offline facilities and online system. Expats find it easy to make online payment through standardized banking system. They can also transfer money and exchange currency easily with the help of modern technology.

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The modern technology is the key to helping HCM become smart city in the future     (Source: propertylaunch)

9. A central and intermediate gateway

Saigon is located in the centre among the neighbor nations, so residents can travel to other countries in a close distance. Being close to China borders in the north, 2-hour flight to Singapore and Bangkok, Australia in the proximity of Vietnam’s coastline,…Saigon can help tourists easily fly to these destinations departing from Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Expats can book flights through many countries departing from Vietnam

10. A well-connected network of entrepreneurs and a big pool of local talents:

Expats can easily find a professional space like an event or workshop for them to discuss and synergize with many entrepreneurs on how to do a start-up successfully. Expats can also interact with local talents to share their opinions and experiences.

This can inspire and motivate them to expand their network and invest in their business ideas. This city is really an inter-changing environment and a good driving force to stimulate innovation.

Saigon is the good environment for local and international talents to interact with each other (Source: wharton)

With all those reasons, Saigon can obviously become one of the most interesting tourist attractions for expats from other countries. As suggested, expats can choose to live in good space such as Masteri Thao Dien for rentin District 2. This will be the cannot-be-disappointing experience.

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