Things to remind when finding an apartment for rent Saigon Vietnam


Location and applications of the project that has an apartment for rent Saigon Vietnam: you need to consider that if the building has all the necessary applications you require for a living such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals or parks… You need to know whether the location of the project is in a quiet or noisy neighborhood, the security situation of the neighborhood, is the apartment near the center of the city or your workplace, the infrastructure of the neighborhood, other issues about environmental pollution, waste, population density…
Price and payment conditions: apartments for rent in Saigon Vietnam which are completed then checking and identifying the price, additional costs and the condition of the apartment can be implemented easily by directly asking the current residents of the building. For incomplete projects, you need to have an appendix attached to the contract with the contractor to commit to the quality of the apartment for rent Saigon Vietnam, without incurred costs, the assurance of application, completion time and handover.


Checking the legality of the apartment for rent Saigon Vietnam: you should ask the agent to send you a copy of related legal information of the project (investment licenses and construction permits…). The investor must totally own the apartment, the apartment has never been transferred, pledged or not in the list of construction plans of state compensation. This information you can have by going to the local government for a confirmation so you can avoid the dilemma of renting a withdrawn apartment, or unapproved project or in the cleared area or in a dispute.
Other fees: you need to read the contract carefully in the section of fees, such as management fee, parking fee, and parking standard… so you can avoid small but annoying problems…
The ability and reputation of the investor: the ability and reputation of the investor can be presented by home delivery schedules, quality housing projects, evaluation of customers for previous projects, the number of years’ experience in the industry.
It can be quite tricky to find a cheap apartment when you are about to move. If you are looking for a regular apartment amongst the locals there is a very popular website, which is basically a platform for landlords who want to post ads. Most of the cheap apartments with the price of 500 bucks are rooms that are not furnished. But, there are also a few rare ones which are furnished and advertised somewhere on Yelp. You will have to create an account which will allow you to view and reply to the apartments to be able to access the apartments that are available.
Facebook and Facebook’s groups are other good options for finding an apartment. There are several pages where landlords post their apartment either temporarily or for a long period of time.
After all of the search online, you may still find some great good, cheap apartment when hanging outside. Old landlords prefer having their ads stick on a tree or column somewhere near their places.