The significant features of Léman Luxury Apartments attract foreign residents


The significant features of Léman Luxury Apartments attract foreign residents

Marble elevator, cloud pool, 1000 sq. garden along the building, etc. are highlights in the luxury apartment from ​​C.T Group.

Léman Luxury Apartments is located at 117 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. The building is designed in a unique Swiss style.

Investors have sacrificed more than a dozen apartments only in exchange for natural wind for the whole apartment. Natural wind passes through the south-east winding corridor, through the waterfall, the dirt is kept in place, the cool wind and ensure the natural humidity creates pure air flow.

1000 sqm garden help filter the air

Combining the 1,000 square meter garden emits cooling mist to the building and provides continuous oxygen so the oxygen content is always higher than the outside of the building. Inside the Léman building the temperature is always lower than the outside by about 3 degrees Celsius. In addition, 60m night-time color-changing water is also a highlight of the project.

The 60m high waterfall, in the middle of the hanging garden, serves as a membrane for dirt and dust in the wind and air for the Léman Building from C.T Group.

Each apartment in the project has all the necessary elements of a villa such as gardens, waterfalls, wind, natural sun and veranda. The owner of 75 sq. apartment will have 400 sq. garden in front of the house and other residents.

In the flat, the design creates a sense of spacious. The apartments use concrete walls instead of columns, better for keeping privacy. All rooms have panoramic views, laundry area collects natural sunlight and wind, taking advantage of the hot air from the air conditioning for drying. Bathroom and kitchen with metal fittings are selected from the prestigious Italian manufacturer, including the sinking hinges of the main door.

According to the representative of the investor, thanks to the design, luxury facilities, the project attracted many foreigners to live. Mr. Ralf Zepter – Managing Director of Swiss brand Victorinox Knife enjoys cool, quiet space, in opposition to the outside world. The private way of the Léman apartment is somewhat European with semi-classical design.

The Léman Overflowing Pool offers overall views of the city center

The hall of the Léman Apartments is designed as a 5-star hotel with pictures or cultural objects and the country of Switzerland. Visitors to Léman who felt like they were stuck in the miniature Bern museum.

At the project, marble elevator combined with Italian precious wood, pink stainless steel in Japan, brilliant Swiss national sculpture. On the top floor is the Léman Cloud Pool in the middle of the sky, with views overlooking the city center.

In addition, the project also has C.T Group’s Bon Grocer supermarket complex in basement B1 with wine cellar, Cigar Lounge, live oysters serving residents.

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