Service apartment for rent in ho chi minh city – a good choice


The complete and close service apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city allows residents to make the most of their precious amount of time for being with their family and enjoy the 5 stars quality life every single day right in their home. It is bring the best support to the lives of dwellers by providing conscientious and professional at home:
•    Customer service center is ready 24/7, we support residents and provide information about the urban area, application services, receive demands to use services.
•    Home services: cleaning (with 5 stars standards implementation) including: house cleaning, industrial cleaning, extra cleaning, laundry, gardening, tree growing and taking care of.
•    Maintance and fixing: technical fixing and maintaining devices in the apartment, water and power, wood issues.
•    Food services at home: demands on food will be provided to your apartment.
•    Office services: photocopy, printing, ticket booking, car renting, fast delivery, flower ordering… residents in Service apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city can use the office services in the Customer Service Center or at home as demand.
•    Real estate support: we support our dwellers to lease their real estate and manage the renters for the owners. At the same time, we will provide the service of leasing serviced apartment for rent in district 2 for a short-term and long-term contract for foreigners and local people who are living and working in Ho Chi Minh City.
•    At the area of our serviced apartment for rent in HCMC, we all organize Lounge and Club Houses to create a private area for the residents to meet, greet and party or relax with other dwellers or your friends. We also have swimming pool and gyms for your needs of excercises.


You can enjoy a quiet, peaceful, cool and fresh atmosphere in our apartments. Each and all apartments are full equipped and designed elegantly, every room has its own resource of natural light and wind… You will always supported by our professional staff with kindness and friendliness, security for 24/24, free gym and house cleaning.
One of the best thing about our Service apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city is every apartment has individual balcony to receive natural sunshine and fresh wind from Sai Gon river. This is really an ideal home for foreigners living in Saigon and young couples who are looking for a great environment on budget. 
You can experience a fulfilled life right in the middle of the city, we bring you a private space with luxurious apartments and high quality services.


Located near commercial and business areas, trade center and high end shopping malls, parks and many other entertainment hot spots, residents of us will enjoy the most of their life in a dynamic city, completely including:
•    Complete furnitures
•    Kitchen appliances (cook, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine, air conditioner…)
•    Power and water system (standard: 21000VND/m2/month)
•    Wifi, internet connection, cable TV
•    House cleaning (3 times / week, expept Sunday and other holidays)
•    Swimming pool and gyms
•    Preventive power source
•    24/24 security and receptionists