One Of a Kind Coffee Shops In Binh Thanh


With different designs and decor styles, these cafes will bring you extremely interesting experiences.

1. Trung Du Xanh coffee

Address: 26 / 16A Dinh Tien Hoang, Ward 1, District Binh Thanh

With the dream of bringing the natural scenery in the highland plateau to Saigon City, the owner of Trung Du Xanh cafe has created a completely new design, new “breath”, not mixed with any Every garden café in Saigon.

The perfect combination between the wild character and the rustic wood of the Midlands combined with the modern facilities where the city has created an extremely special coffee space only available in Trung Du Xanh. Perhaps because of that, although it has just come into operation for a very short time, Trung Du Xanh has become a destination for many customers who want to find space to relax, to be immersed in nature, immersed in the vibrant colors of flowers and trees, wiping away the worries of life. Coffee, food, and drinks at Trung Du Xanh are diverse, the most prominent of which is mì Quảng tôm – sườn.

Trung Du Xanh coffee

2. The Homes Coffee

Address: 23 Nguyễn An Ninh, P.14, Bình Thạnh District, TP. HCM.

The Homes holds the guests by being rustic, peaceful and ordinary.

The Homes is decorated and designed with a nostalgic style. The gate was built of rustic brick, two wings of wood with deep colors will gently bring you into the old space that is filled with memories and time. Entering the shop, you will step on the stone platforms placed in the pond, with banana trees, grinds, coconut shells, reminiscent of the old country image. Combined with the “leaf” window of the 80s, lanterns made of loofah or old wooden chairs will help you recall unforgettable memories.

The Homes Coffee

3. Ngách 160 (Alley 160)

Address: 160/29 Bùi Đình Tuý, P. 12, Q. Bình Thạnh

Ngách still follows the nostalgic style, with wooden door frames in the old town, tables and chairs are characterized by “bright sidewalk coffee”, including plows and how to draw menus on the green board – all exuding a very “Ha Thanh” material in the past decades. in the heart of modern Saigon.

The small board with an extremely cute message for visitors to visit. Behind the door of the shop is a space full of nostalgia and peace.

A lovely table is written with items at the cafe. Not only this cafe offers a lot of dishes, but it has a super-long menu of beverages for you to choose freely.

The shop uses disposable straws instead of plastic ones that protect the environment.

The Ngách 160, even when it comes in the morning or evening, is very sparkling. In the morning there is golden sunshine, dark on yellow light In rainy days, the space in the alley is quiet, only to hear the rain outside the big door. The cafe- just like the name – is located in a small alleyway, so it is very peaceful. If you want to try to see the space of an old Hanoi city, try visiting this once, sipping sunflower seeds, forgetting all the worries behind you.

Ngách 160 (Alley 160)

4. Cỏ Cafe

Address: 22 Lô B, Planning Area Nguyễn Ngọc Phương, P. 19, Bình Thạnh District

Grass Cafe is a nice cafe in Binh Thanh which is quite suitable for a light morning, coffee and street view. The shop is small and full of plants around – just like the name of the shop. The grass is very beautiful, looking from far away like the house of seven dwarfs, nestled under a lot of green foliage, many doors and pretty little.

Cỏ Cafe gently nestles under a lot of lush green foliage. Inside, there were brothers and sisters who ate a piece of fried bread early in the day, the space only had a loud computer tapping, the wind was blowing outside, the sunshine was incubating at the corner of the street, and the car passed by, nothing better for a morning to start the day. Come visit on a certain morning, eat a light breakfast with a cup of coffee in that closed space, your new day will be much better.

5. OZ Coffee House

Address: 273/46 Nguyen Van Dau, Ward 11, Binh Thanh District

As soon as you set foot in OZ Coffee House, you will feel a romantic world of lovely, quiet and beautiful green areas. In particular, the front yard of the shop is a cool green orchard, a romantic swimming pool, besides, it is also very delicate when the pre-setup beds are located to bring relaxation as if being in a resort luxurious in the night lights shimmering. Every little corner of OZ Coffee House Nguyen Van Dau is carefully decorated with familiar green canopy combined with unique architecture, and both create a feeling of comfort.

Although the shop has a beautiful small campus suitable for many different types of parties. Each pre-booked party will be decorated by the owner as well. For those who want to surprise their half or enjoy coffee in a romantic and delicate atmosphere’, this is an ideal place.

OZ Coffee House