Ministry Of Construction Vietnam Explains About “Prohibit Profanity And Swearing At Condominium”


According to the Ministry of Construction, the law of prohibiting profanity and swearing at condominium is based on the government’s legislations and agreed by the condominium conference.

On 26th March, the Administration of the real estate market Department and the Ministry of Construction has issued Circular 02 to promulgate regulations on management and use of the condominium.

According to this unit, the text was issued on the basis of assigned tasks in Paragraph 2 of Article 102 of the Housing Law 2014 and Paragraph 1 of Article 35 of Decree 99/2015/ from the government’s detailing and guiding the implementation of some articles of the Law on Housing.

The content of the circular consists of 2 parts: The Regulation on management and use of the condominium; and the Appendix about samples of management and use of condominiums and the management of the condominium operation services contract.

Hence, the condominium must have the condominium regulations which state prohibited acts in the condominium in using and handling rules of violations.

Department of Housing Management and real estate market also gave out the templates of rules about management and use of the condominium, which divided prohibited acts into 2 groups:

Group 1, the prohibited conduct applies to all apartments, which are the acts prohibited by Article 35 of Decree 99/2015 / ND-CP (mandatory provisions applicable to all apartment);

Group 2 is the act forbidden by the condominium convention may adjust accordingly to

Accordingly, the template for rules, management and use of the condominium, with contents banned: “Causing loss of security, order, profanity, swearing, using radio, TV or other devices that emit sound noise affecting the life of the owners, who use the condominium “.

According to authorities, this is one of the behaviors that condominiums conference may apply or added with each condominium.

Department of Housing Management and real estate market also said that, before Circular 02 was issued, a number of housing projects have released the rules and regulations for condominium, which has the similar content.

In addition, cases of people violating the prohibited acts prescribed in Article 35 of Decree 99 of the Government, will be handled according to the sanctioning law of administrative violations in construction activities; real estate business; production, exploitation, sales of building materials; management of public utility; Management development work and home.

When people violating the prohibited acts under the act by the Conference team condominium regulations, the disposal of additional violations will be decided according to the released condominium rules.(According to Thang Quang, News Zing)
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