Introduce 1 bed 1 bath apartments for rent in District 2


This is a lovely one among many 1 bed 1 bath apartments for rent in our network. The living room is cozy and convenient, designed in brown and beige modern style. The apartment was built in District 2, in a busy neighborhood with lots of stores but still has its own peace. The North of the apartment is in front of the street. To adapt the need of those who want a serviced apartment that they can live in peace with great security, the main goal in design is how to protect the family from the crowded and complicated environment of district 2.


To protect the privacy and lower the noise of the traffic, the walls of this apartment is not opened as usual in the North. In addition, designers push the white wall toward the cross line of the hallway to mark the beautiful wooden wall. The open living room was designed a light system to connect it with the kitchen in the South of the apartment.
You will not believe this amazing apartment is one of 1 bed 1 bath apartments for rent that we have. It’s too beautiful and in a good price to be true. You can enjoy a good time by yourself in the cozy area at the back of the apartment with a good lighting condition. It helps to make the space to be larger and airier as much as a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment for rent by separating the hallway and the living room, the kitchen by a huge window, so you can enjoy the comfort.
In addition, designers designed another small lighting system in the front so the whole rooms of the apartment can have a good lighting and ventilation. They use windows to protect the privacy from the outside environment but still has enough natural lights to feel the weather and the changes of days such as rain or the wind…


It’s opposite to the feel of air-tight when you look at it from the outside, you can feel the open space and full of light when entering this apartment. We hope that residents can have a relaxing time by enjoying the nature and see the season changing right from this lovely apartment. This little gem requires a mini-renovation to make a comfy family home. In the living room, you can read book or drink tea there, sometimes, you and your friends can gather to talk with each other in a lovely, warm house. You would love the living room the best. You can even refer some other three bedroom two bathroom apartment for rent or 3 bedroom 2 bathroom apartment for rent on our website which are also nice and in a good price to rent.