How to fight heat in Saigon?


How to fight heat in Saigon?

To blow away the heat in the summer, you can use effective ways from the simplest things such as curtains, make use of windows, put trees in the house or put the stone in front of the fan, etc.

1. Use curtains

For the room to be cool, many families use wood blinds. The characteristic and principles of operation of wooden blinds are stacked leaves, creating a gap for space that more airy, more comfortable.

In addition, the use of double layer curtains is the smart way to reduce the heat in your home. The air between the layers is a very useful way to block heat.

Wooden curtains are a simple anti-heat item during summer days

2. Place ice in front of the fan

This is an old-fashioned and easy way but still very useful. The wind will take cold air from the ice surface when the ice melts, creating a cold mist. Thanks to that, you will feel as cool as sitting in a room with with no budget air conditioner.

With cold water or ice, the house will be cooler as air conditioner is used

3. Place trees in the house

One of the most effective ways to reduce the temperature in your house is by putting more pots of decorating tree with many leaves. Trees also help prevent dust, become an air filters and create pleasant feeling in hot summer days.

Additionally, the shade and eaves outside the window is an effective way to cool down the house. Especially when trees are grown in the west and east.

Trees help reduce heat and cool space

4. Installation of anti-heat system

Installing a heat-resistant film on windows facing the sun will help cool the home and reduce glare and ultraviolet light. As a consequence, heat-resistant films reduce the amount of natural light entering the home. Therefore, in the winter, if you use heat-resistant film, you will have to use more light from the electric lamp.

5. Turn off electrical appliances

Home electronics also produce a certain amount of heat. Turn off your TV and other equipment when not in use to minimize heat in summer days.

6. Choose the fabric for the interior of the home

You can choose satin, silk or polyester cover for home cooling. In addition, bed sheets with light color will also make the feeling more pleasant, cooler.

These colors help the bedroom feel cooler.

7. Open the window

You should use a thermometer to monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures. When it’s cooler, open windows and doors for ventilation. If the windows are wide, take advantage of the hot air inside the house to escape.

Large window enhance air ventilation, but make sure it is not facing the sun.

8. Cover the house

Using curtains, the net around the house is a way to reduce the increase in temperature. You should arrange furniture so that they do not interfere with the airflow in the home. Furniture is also scientifically arranged to make the space cooler and more spacious.

The architecture of these houses helps reduce heat.

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