How Not To Embarrass People Who Use Your Bathroom


1. Toilet Paper Back Up


If you’ve ever had to call out a request for more toilet paper from inside the bathroom of your apartment or even worse, someone else’s apartment, you know that it’s very high on your list of unpleasurable experiences — especially when there are so many people inside. It isn’t as terrible as, say, getting locking outside the apartment while naked, but it’s still not too much fun.

Modoho’s advice: Constantly keep at least 2, maybe 3 toilet paper in your bath room. The larger number will be unnecessary, and the smaller number might set your guest on an embarrassing event.

2. Have Citrus Spray or Matches Handy: This is one of the most basic things you can do and is always appreciated.

Modoho’s advice: Especially when you living in an apartment for rent, usually the bathroom is small and the ventilation is not really perfect. Choose a smell that appealing to everyone, and not too strong. Smell like orange, lemongrass or lemon will be a good choice since they are refreshing but natural.

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3. Hide Stuff You Don’t Want Them to See: You absolutely should have cleaned the stuff in your bathroom before inviting someone to come to your apartment for rent. This is for your own good, as well as theirs. You definitely don’t want to be having a conversation with your friends, obsessing the whole time that they are thinking, “I’ve seen your pregnancy test sticks.”

Modoho’s advice: This rule does not only apply for your bathroom only but for your whole apartment. Remember this every time you have visitors, and it’s the best choice to store your pieces of stuff in a closet or anything similar since this lower the chance someone might find it.

4. “Boy Clean” Your Bathroom: Occasionally the ladies who don’t live with men, boys don’t remember that stuff winds up below the toilet seat. If you do a quick wipe down, please don’t forget that visiting males lift up the seat when they go, and don’t want to be looking at…well, you know.

Modoho’s advice: The best choice is to clean this every time you clean your bathroom. This will save time and effort for you since it is very simple, rather than rush to clean it whenever the visitors come.

5. Provide a Trashcan: No one should have to smuggle out unsightly and/or embarrassing trash.

Modoho’s advice: A simple one with the lid will be fine since you should clean it every day.

6. Offer Up Some White Noise: There’s nothing worse than you need to go the bathroom and realizing it’s right next to the room where your host and/or other guests are chatting or eating. Nothing is louder than silence when you are sitting on the toilet mere feet from a crowd of people, with mere a slim, thin piece of wood separating you. Inevitably, there’s also usually a two-inch gap between the floor and the door. Setting a broken bathroom fan, and you have the potential for noise room leakage. If it’s your bathroom, be the thoughtful host, take pity on your bathroom-goer and either play some music or make loud conversation while they are gone. 

Modoho’s advice: This is also for your own good since you are very likely to want to go to the bathroom while your guests are still in your house, a bathroom that separated from the meeting room is the best choice for everyone.

7. Put The Plunger in There Somewhere: Nothing isworse than having to ask for toilet paper is having to request a plunger.

Modoho’s advice: Again, remember this, not only for your guests but also for yourself.According to Apartment Therapy)