1. Tips to choose a suitable Ao Dai Vietnam

ao dai vietnam
Ao Dai | Source: Photo by Vit An on Unsplash

To choose a suitable Ao Dai Vietnam, you should consider several elements below:

  • Material: Choosing an appropriate material for your Ao Dai is one of the important steps. Because Ao Dai Vietnam is often designed to tone up your body curves, you should choose comfortable materials like silk and linen. Also, you should avoid choosing too thin materials like chiffon or big lace cause they can expose too much your skin.
  • Color and patterns: According to your body shape, you can choose the suitable color and patterns for your Ao Dai. For round or kind of chubby body, dark color and small patterns can help you seem to be more thin and small. For thin girls, bright color and big or horizontal patterns will be great choices to make you become full.
  • Designs of Ao Dai: Depending on your purposes, you can choose the suitable design of your Ao Dai. If you wear Ao Dai to take photos or outdoor activities, a stylized Ao Dai will be a great choice because of its convenience and fashionable designs. However, if you wear Ao Dai to an important meeting or a traditional festival, a traditional Ao Dai will be a better choice to show your respect.

2. Tips to wear Ao Dai Vietnam

ao dai vietnam
Ao Dai | Source: Photo by Chinh Le Duc on Unsplash
  • Choose suitable lingerie: When wearing Ao Dai Vietnam, you should choose the underwear that fits color with your Ao Dai’s color. Vietnamese women usually wear underwear having a bright color with Ao Dai. Also, you should choose the special bra that is designed to wear with Ao Dai to shape your upper body.
  • Mix Ao Dai Vietnam with appropriate accessories: Today, you can wear Ao Dai flexibly but there are some rules you have to follow. In the formal meetings and traditional festival, you should mix Ao dai with high heels, silk scarves, and jewelry to fit with the formal atmosphere. However, in other cases, you can feel free to mix Ao Dai with other kinds of accessories you like.
  • Behavior when wearing Ao Dai: Cause Ao Dai Vietnam is an elegant costume, you should take more consideration on your posture, gesture and how to stand, walk, etc which can affect the beauty of Ao Dai.

V. What to do with Ao Dai Vietnam

1. Take photos to capture the beautiful moment with Ao Dai Vietnam

ao dai vietnam
Ao Dai | Source: Photo by Huyen Nguyen on Unsplash

Taking photos with Ao Dai is a great idea when you coming to Vietnam. When wearing Ao Dai, its unique beauty can make you become a real Vietnamese woman and understand more about Vietnamese culture. Foreign tourists usually rent Ao Dai and take photos in historical sites to show totally the traditional and ancient charms of Ao Dai Vietnam. When taking photos with Ao Dai, you should pose elegant postures.


2. Watch the beauty of Ao Dai in Vietnam Fashion Shows

Today, Ao Dai is not only the traditional costume of Vietnam but also becomes the inspiration for many fashion designers including local and international designers. Therefore, in Vietnam, there are many Ao Dai Fashion Shows hold each year. If you are a big fan of Ao Dai Vietnam, you definitely come to these shows to enjoy the diversity of style and fashionable design of Ao Dai Vietnam.

In conclusion, each country will have its own cultural values and characteristics. Like Kimono in Japan, Hanbok in Korea or Sari in India, etc, Ao Dai Vietnam is also the symbol of Vietnam that holds the soul of Vietnamese people. We hope that through this article, you can understand more about the beauty of Ao Dai Vietnam as well as the Vietnamese culture.