Finding Nice Apartment For Rent In HCMC VietNam Tips


HCMC attracts a lot of foreign investment and capital so it is called the economic center of Viet Nam. As a result of this attraction, many commercial centers are established and they are accompanied by many houses for rent together with apartments for rent. Apartment for rent in HCMC VietNam have been mushrooming to meet the need of people who come to Saigon for many purposes such as learning, working, traveling, etc, finding an apartment is not so difficult for anyone.

  • Lifestyle opportunities will depend on which district you choose for your apartment for rent.

Visitors have a huge range of options regarding where to find an accomodation. Houses for rent and apartments for rent are available in some central districts such as District 5, District 3, District 1, etc. Travelers can enjoy a busy and luxurious life with shopping centers and many commercial in these destricts. Travelers or visitors can rent an apartment or a house in some surrounding districts such as district 2, district 7, Phu Nhuan district and Binh Thanh district if they want to enjoy the peaceful life with the chirping of birds every morning. District 2 has ward Thao Dien, Cantavil, Estella, Masteri. Thao Dien is a wonderful place to live and relax after long working time. Also, visitors should take Thao Dien Pearl in their consideration as a place of convalescence. District 7 has several projects as Grand View, Sunrise, Phu My Hung. Binh Thanh district has luxury condominiums as Vinhome or Garden Apartment.

  • Rental prices for a house or an apartment for rent in HCMC VietNam will vary depending on location.

If travelers are worried about traffic jams during rush hour or they want to enjoy the bustling life of HCMC at night, they can rent houses or apartments in or near the central of city, it is sure that the rental will be higher. Usually, the price fluctuates between $400 and $3001 depending on the size and amount of furniture or facilities of a house or apartment. Therfore travelers should not be so worried because they will have discounted prices due to the competition between owners to attract customers. House for rent and apartment for rent in HCMC VietNam are built in large quantities. However, the rental price varies from district to district. They are in the districts surrounding Saigon that prices are quite cheaper than in central districts.


House and apartment are not beyond your reach, now take your bags and book an airplane ticket to Saigon without worrying about where to live or stay. Each place in HCMC will help travelers gain good experiences of life in Vietnam. There are two seasons on Ho Chi Minh city – the hot dry season and the hot wet season. You – traveler’s can possess your own piece of paradise based on your hobbies and your pocket. If you’re travelling over Tet, i think you need to book as far in advance as humanly possible. In tourist centres many Vietnamese will speak some English, but a lot will speak none.

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