Difference Among Districts In Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City is a well-known tourist attraction with a wide range of districts and diverse cultures, which is useful for expats to choose where to reside, such as apartment for rent in district 2. It comprises of 24 districts:19 central districts and 5 suburban districts. Each one has their own distinctiveness in their cultures, living style, cuisine, level of development and so on.

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HCM City has a wide range of districts with different features (Source: batdongsanthinhphat)

1. Downtown districts:

Firstly, to make it easier to distinguish among those districts, we can divide them into four groups which possess similar features. The first group of districts such as District 1, 3, 10 and Binh Thanh can be considered “downtown” ones which are located in the centre of the city.

They are comparatively the busiest areas with a growing popularity of trading and economic activities. Specifically, District 1 is really well-known for historical buildings such as Roman Catholic Church, Art Deco Department block, Independence Palace, Hung King’s Temple,…

Three of them respectively witness the construction of outstanding workplace and highest towers such as Landmark 81, Bitexco, Vietcombank Tower,…Tourists are commonly attracted to these locations due to vibrant life rhythm with a diversity of delicious foods and shopping malls.

Skyscrapers are gradually growing in downtown districts with great pride of Vietnamese people (Source: tin247)

2. Modern and developing districts:

The second group can be District 2 and 7 with the most modern and fastest growing speed. Though a little far from the central area, these locations experience non-stop development with the gradual appearance of luxurious buildings and apartments such as Masteri Thao DienThe EstellaSunrise City,…

They attract residents and foreigners of high-income level to reside and work in. With their own youth and powerful strengths, they both focus on improving manufacturing and potential industries.


These places experience development with industrial revolution (Source: phumyhungsale)

As is known, Phu My Hung in District 7 is the area, which has undergone vast urbanization over the past few years, making way for world-class shopping malls like VivoCity and The Crescent Mall.

Similarly, residential towers like Masteri Thao Dien and The Vista have transformed District 2 into an exclusive location with many people from around the world, encouraging further growth in multinational co-operations regarding commerce and economy.

Masteri Thao Dien is one of the most potential buildings in Saigon (Source: gstatic)

3. The remaining central districts:

The remaining districts are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, Thu Duc, Tan Binh, Tan Phu, Go Vap, Binh Tan. They all have the same feature of being located far from the city centre. District 4 is the smallest area lying on the border connecting District 1. It has famous historical sites such as Dragon Wharf, War museum and is well-known for cheap and appetizing street foods. However, those who come here must be alert of the social evils and pickpockets.

District 5 and 6 embrace the long-standing cultures of Chinese people. They are known as Chinese Town with traditional housing and Chinese cuisine. Arriving there, tourists can appreciate the great celebrations together with diversified culture displays.

Meanwhile, District 8 is rather exclusive from the others due to the existence of huge slums along with rivers and canals. This place is rather quieter with long and narrow streets. District 9 and Thu Duc are similar in terms of being near the industrial zones of Binh Duong with the potential investment from the Government and the foreign partners.

Thu Duc owns favorable conditions due to convenient location (Source: galaxypub)

The remaining districts are far from the centre, rather more peaceful than others. Among them, Tan Binh is not in the proximity but is one of the crowded areas with Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Tan Phu is widely known to be covered with temples and pagodas such as Memorial Monuments of Soldiers killed in Mau Than battle, Tran Hung Dao Memorial, Quan Am Temple,…

Go Vap and Phu Nhuan are slowly developing areas but have plans for innovation in the near future. District 11 attracts a lot of visitors in the summer thanks to Dam Sen Water Park.

Though not in the central area, some districts have their outstanding features in historical or natural landscapes (Source: imgur)

4. Suburban districts:

The final group are suburban districts. To leave out the noise, the toxic smoke from factories and the hustling of the central districts, you can visit those far-away lands to have a rest and recharge your battery with the peaceful atmosphere as well as the natural landscapes. These districts are also well-known for diversified flora with many “Green Projects” and green farms.

Far-away districts are attractive with green environment and peaceful atmosphere      (Source: vntrip)

All in all, based on their own hobbies and financial abilities, expats can decide whether to live in such a luxurious and convenient location as in District 2 with Masteri Thao Dien or in a quiet and peaceful place as in suburban districts. Being aware of those mentioned different aspects, they can find it easier to make a good decision and have a memorable experience.

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