Decorating tree custom of Vietnamese during the Tet holiday



In addition to five fruits tray with brilliant colors, flower and tree is also indispensable during the Tet holiday, placed in the most solemn position.

Tet Mau Tuat 2018 is approaching, see the suggestions to help you choose plants according to Feng Shui to decorate your house for Tet Mau Tuat 2018 to bring luck and fortune.


After the cold winter days, daffodils are one of the first flowers blooming in the spring. In the North of New Years, there is always a pot of daffodils displayed on the altar or the living room.

Collecting daffodils is the elegant pleasures of the capital citizen from the past. With a hot tea cup, enjoying the white daffodil petals and the gentle fragrance spread in the air, you will feel relaxed, cheerful and warm in the spring days. Today, people consider the daffodils a symbol of a fresh and delegate beginning and making them blooming on the first day of the Lunar New Year is a skillful technique.

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Hyacinth is particularly suitable for planting in New Year. This flower carries a sweet ethereal beauty and pleasant aroma. Bring all color and smell, the flower is extremely ideal for decoration in any space of the house.

According to feng shui, many flower players said that if Hyacinth bloom well on the 30th of Tet, the owner will have a new year full of luck and fortune.

FIG tree

The fig tree is the symbol of fullness, so the fig tree is very popular among Vietnamese. The fig tree is also ranked first in the Three-tree in Tet holiday, the symbol of happiness. Many people choose fig fruit to present on the tray of fruit offerings on New Year’s Day.

Peach flower

Peach flower is the essence of the Five Elements. People said that when the devil was raging on the earth, the Buddha helped people to chase and use peach as the boundary. Every year on the night of the 30th, the devils were allowed from the East Sea to roam the land. Families try to avoid the devil, they placed peach branches in front of the house.

Buying peach in Tet holiday is a beautiful custom of the people of the North. The fragrant red peach blossom brings luck, romance and prosperity for the family in the New Year.

Apricot flower

If the people in the North loved the peach blossom, the apricot blossom occupied the unique position in the South region. The yellow color of the apricot blossom symbolizes wealthy (coincident with the color of gold). According to the concept of ancient people, the more petal the apricot blossomed, the more fortunate the family is. If the tree have a lot of 7-petel blossom, the family will very great luck in the New Year.


The tree is a symbol of luck, wealth, prosperity and fertility. In Vietnam, kumquat are preferred because just a small vine is enough for wealthy in four quarter.