6 Common Mistake When Designing A Kitchen


6 Common Mistake When Designing A Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house, where family members gather, enjoying dinner after hours of stressful work. Whether it is large or small, the kitchen should be carefully designed and well prepared.

As we use the kitchen every day, if some of the details, the position in the kitchen is not designed properly will affect the operation as well as cooking time. Here are 6 common mistakes that designers usually make that interior expert recommend avoiding.

1. Lack of natural light

Light is the key in interior design. A lack of light, especially natural light will make the space more cramped, stuffy and makes housewives feel more difficult when cooking.

In addition, the cleaning of bowls and kitchen equipment requires sufficient lighting to ensure cleanliness. Expert suggest placing the kitchen or sink near the window or balcony door to take advantage of the most natural light.

The kitchen will brighten and be more spacious when the natural light comes in.

It will be lacking if the kitchen is lacking of light

2. Use dark colors

If your kitchen is small and low ceiling, the use of dark colors will give us a sense of space as dark and smaller.

Instead, switch to neutral tones to create a brighter and more spacious atmosphere.

Dark color make the room look smaller

3. Use bulky furniture to divide space

In the past, people used permanent walls to divide the kitchen with the living room and dining room.

Today, due to the modest size of the homes, these areas are located in the same space and the homeowner will use large furniture to separate the spaces.

And it is these furniture that block the flow of light as well as prevent the ventilation.

One smart solution that you can use in this case is to use an iron and glass partition to divide the cooking area and dining area.

Connected kitchen and dining room save space

4. Skip the food cabinet

When designing the kitchen, the understatement of the cabinet is to be avoided even in the small kitchen.

In cases where the size of the kitchen is too small, it is not possible for you to set up a cabinet, so there are always alternatives, such as placing it in the dining room.

Setting up a cabinet in the dining room is an effective solution for families with modest kitchens

5. Use less durable material

A functional kitchen is something everyone wants. However, when designing kitchen space, you need to ensure that the materials selected are easy to clean and durable. This is essential for families with young children.

As shown in the picture below, steel is a great material that allows housewives to cook without having to worry about breaking the table.

Sustainable kitchen materials help housewives feel more confident when cooking

6. Skip the kitchen space

This is probably the most common mistake when designing kitchens. Often people underestimate the importance of sufficient space in the kitchen.

The fact is that in the kitchen, space is never enough. In case the kitchen is too cramped, you can completely overcome by placing kitchen cabinets above or using the dining table can pull out, pushed handy as below.

Table can be pulled out and pushed into handy

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