4 Themed bedroom apartments for rent suitable for kids


COME SAIL AWAYIn this cool breeze nautical bedroom apartments for rent, Dock your little captain can sail away anytime into dreamland. From Pottery Barn Kids, the ark bed anchors the room, but accessories, such as architectural sailboat sketches and the nautical flags will drive curiosity and learning about navigation, seaside communications and sailing.


Decorate with the colorful and geometrically interesting nautical flag alphabet in order to make it a easy to combine a child’s oceanic interests with reading and codes. It’s clear that living in this sailboat sanctuary will stimulate the seafaring soul and boosting the educational appearance of the room is as easy as A, B, C.
Our advice: Remember to ask people around about the shop review as well as negotiate the price beforehand. The hard part of this ornamentation is not about the drawing of the wall but to find the boat-shaped bed for your kids. While, this is not available widely in Vietnam, so you can always go to a wood shop and ask them to customize it for you.
LIBRARY IN THE CLOUDSDr. Seuss in book Oh, the Places You’ll Go had inspire designer Felicity Chapman, of I.S. Design in Los Altos, Calif. He designed this room for whimsy and smarts.
As parents of little bookworms know, book collections often outgrow their bookshelves. Not only gave the little literati room to grow her collection, but Chapman also added some fun and useful touches. “The doors are functionary for storage, but they are also great places to display and to practice spelling (artwork),” she shares. The lower cabinets store toys in easy-to-remove baskets and the inner panels have magnetic paint.


The window seat and oversized floor pillows create cozy reading nooks where a child can cuddle up with a parent or dive solo into her favorite story for some quality reading time.
Our advice: In your bedroom apartments for rent, draw the sky and clouds with them. These are easy shapes and colors to find. This is a very easy-to-do decoration which you can actually finish with your kids. Let them draw anything they want since you are decorating their rooms. No matter how old you are, there is nothing better than creating your personal space.
NATURALLY GROWNThe combination of corkboard, chalkboard and pegboard wall modules allows children to jot down ideas or artistic inspirations and keep organized while also giving them a place to display their own creative creatures, insect photos or plant charts. Keeping seeds, bug books organized and nature guides  will become natural with drawers as well as a wide-open shelf. On the flooring, the Schoolhouse Storage Cubbies feature storage solutions for budding brains. Adding a window box where kid can cultivate plants will delight growing gardeners, so an attractive all-weather rug covered the dirt-filled delights may be a bright idea.


The world for pint-sized naturalists is one big mystery. Just like plants, giving little earth enthusiasts the good environment will allow them to bloom and grow. This kids’ room theme and Pottery Barn Kids are fertile ground for little gardeners and nature lovers.
Our advice: The combination of various kinds of trees, together with easy-to-find tools and materials, since you are living in a tropical country, will make this decoration progress to be a very joyful experiment for both you and your kids. This decoration is the easiest and the spacious to be creative.


 Play is this romper room and the building block of childhood learning, collaboratively designed by Suzan Wines of I-Beam Design and Lena Seow, Vrinda Khanna, is an architecturally inclined child’s wonderland. LEGO boards cover a wall of this room, from floor to ceiling. The bedroom apartments for rent also features small cube-shaped pillows, adding to the building adventure. She says as until a new construction is build, everything a kid constructs becomes an essential part of the play-space architecture. Wines speaks children can build with or against gravity, adding that a wide part of the appeal is the child’s ability to impact the fundamental architecture of the play area by building on the wall.
For older children who have a more mature understanding of design might not enjoy primary-colored LEGO walls. They will find old blueprints so frame them for a sophisticated architectural environment.
Our counsel: This kind of wall is really hard to find in Vietnam. However, you can always merge small panels into the big walls.